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Saving money on service costs

Due to changes in European legislation block exemption means that your manufacturers warranty will not be made invalid if you bring your vehicle to CVT Mercaid for servicing. CVT will service your Vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer';s specification using genuine parts.

Important Information Concerning Block Exemption

In October 2003 European Union legislation affecting the motor trade came into force. Its full title is ';Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002'; (in short ';BER';). This legislation changes the way cars may be serviced and repaired and gives motorists a lot more freedom in their decision as to who should look after their cars. Before BER, it was very difficult to have cars, which were still covered by the manufacturer';s warranty, serviced anywhere except a franchised dealer. Now motorists can use any garage of their choice to service their cars without invaliding the manufacturer';s warranty.

The latest revision of the BER introduces four ';freedoms'; that are aimed at safeguarding free competition in the entire market for vehicle spare parts, service and repair. They affect the way in which the parts distributor can act in the market. To speak to our operator/taxi service manager call today.

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